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When it comes to music its about more than just art. In fact the business of music, and understanding it is what seperates those that are successful from the those that are not. Promoting yourself is paramount to that business platform. This is where the Music Video becomes the life thread.

Once you have a great song you want people to listen to it. The best way to get their attention is an eye catching music video!!!

Before the video can be shot properly the artist needs to understand that it is a performance. The performer needs to know what they are performing. This performance will have to be repeated several times possibly in different wardrobe and even in different locations. Get your performance down!

An idea of what you want your video to look like should be scratched down in a notebook somewhere in order to avoid having to pay for having a concept developed for you. Everyone that is going to perform in front of the camera from artists to extras should be aquired prior, to avoid talent scouting fees.

Once this is all taken care of the rest is up to your D/P. A good D/P should have an idea of what camera angles/shots etc. will be necessary. Should get all of the necessary B-Roll, and should be able to take care of any of the prior stated necessities you are not able to attain yourself.

Being prepared for your music video will save you time and money. If your idea is inspired it will get you noticed. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most D/P’s are in the field because they love visual storytelling and visual aesthetics are important to them. At Enlightened Vision Entertainment we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Here is where you can come and reliably have a rewarding video produced that your fan base will love.

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