About Us

About Us

Welcome to Enlightened Vision Entertainment. We specialize in providing stunning, Hollywood levels of production at prices that are accessible to all. Our expertise spans a wide range of programming, from commercials, television broadcasts and OTT channel content to full-length feature films. We operate in the New York City tri-state area but provide services across the United States of America to a large number of customers in different settings.

Our Story

Enlightened Vision Entertainment was founded in 2013 and has gone from strength to strength, providing visual content that spans multiple genres. These days, it is all too easy to pick up a high-powered smartphone and make a video but it still requires expertise to achieve the production values that the top movie companies put out. We have a wealth of experience in production, editing, filming and working with top-end 4K to deliver exceptional quality that looks great and stands out.

Our Approach

At Enlightened Vision Entertainment, we understand that for smaller businesses in particular, quality production services can be difficult to afford and this ultimately has a negative impact on your ability to be competitive in your field. We don’t believe this is fair. What we offer is a level of production equal to that of the top Hollywood film values, wrapped up in a completely bespoke, affordable service that can cater to any size of organization. We are proud to help provide companies with a springboard for development and growth.

Every client is different. Because this is so true, particularly with SMEs, we don’t provide an “out of the box” service. Instead, we offer free consultations as a first-up, so we can establish exactly what you need and how we can best help you and your business’s prospects. We work within realistic budgets that are achievable by all and because of this, we have no fixed price list. Instead, we recommend you get in touch with us and find out how we can benefit you by getting your brand out there in a high-quality, high-impact commercial.

Get in touch with us at Enlightened Vision Enterprises to find out more.