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It’s obvious, when it comes to investing money into your company how much, and where that money should be allocated is the biggest decision a business owner can make. With this in mind if and how much a business should allocate money into a promotional video is an extremely serious decision.

Videos can be beneficial to any business from the mom and pop store on the corner, to the multimillion dollar conglomerate. 30 second videos promoting companies (otherwise known as commercials) have been used to great success on television for generations. For many long years large companies that can afford television commercials were the only ones able to really use this marketing avenue successfully. Today the internet has provided small business owners with an avenue into video marketing.

In the last decade the explosion of YouTube followed by other social media channels, such as Vimeo allowed individuals to post videos for the world to see for the price of internet access. This created an opportunity for small businesses to enter the commercial arena.

Today many people in society record themselves on video for the world to see, or through a live stream such as Facebook. Commercials are different. A commercial for a company is not just posting a video. A commercial must have an entire thought process called a marketing campaign behind it. A well thought out marketing campaign can achieve the highest potential or reach for a company’s target audience. Any business that creates a video with this information in mind will increase their revenue exponentially.

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