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In order to understand how this is done we have to define the term videographer. We have all heard the term thrown around in recent years. But what does it really mean? A videographer is a one man team. This means the videographer will create the theme for a shot, light the shot (which is the cinematographers job… Thats for another post), capture the sound, shoot the scenes, and usually edit the entire project. A videographer is great under certain circumstances. A wedding, a party, even shooting a high school basketball game. When it comes to promotional videos a videographer can do the job; however, not as well as a production team.

Generally for a promotional video a videographer will film a client answering a generic one style fits all series of questions, then take shots of the client working. The videographer will then put on his editing hat. In the finished video the questions will be bleeped out and the answers will be played as a voice over for the previously recorded work with a thematic soundtrack playing in the background. This is sufficinet to have some content rather than having nothing for a website, and is cost effective if your budget is in question. However while that is systematically better than trying to shoot it yourself with your IPhone, a dedicated team can put a commercial together that will make you proud as a business owner, be fun to watch, and most importantly greatly capture your audience which will in turn increase your revenue. That is where Enlightened Vision Entertainment shines with our award-winning team. We create great stories and put them to screen in sizzling high quality fashion .

It is important to remember that the most important reason for a production team is quality. Having someone that is trained in each aspect of filming is necessary for top quality work. Especially when it comes to the theme. A dedicated storyteller or story telling team will make or break a video. Also note worthy is the fact that because the videographer is working alone there are limits on what can actually be filmed, constraining creativity even further. In essence in most cases you lose story quality when using a videogrpaher. As an example of how important storytelling can be, when watching a movie, if something is funny you might overlook a mistake in continuity, and even still consider it great work. Another problem is with one person doing everything, although the inevitable mistakes will be taken out during editing, many times you will lose priceless footage that simply cannot be recreated, because something went wrong i.e. a lighting issue (although most videographers wont even try lighting properly, they will just shoot away and take the best of whatever they get). This is not the videogrpahers fault, after all a videographer is just one person.

The client must choose what is right for his or her pocket. But as a more educated consumer the next time you look at a video on a website you will notice if the video was just thrown together by a videographer, or was shot by a professional production team. Every consumer should watch both styles of vidoe before deciding which type to purchase for themselves. In this case you really do get what you pay for.

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