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Let’s face it, the ROI or (R)eturn (O)n (I)nvestment is the single most important driving factor in a business decision. Business is about making money. So it is common sense to make decisions based on whether or not there is a financial gain. Because of this adding quality informative videos to a webpage is a no brainer.

Today almost everyone watches videos online. More importantly a vast majority of people would rather watch a video on something than read about it. Since statistics show 4x as many people pay attention to videos than written information, it would be reasonable to assume that the amount of leads that become conversions would at least double with the proper videos displayed on a website. These numbers could be significantly higher based on how well a service or good is promoted.

The quality and content of a video is very important. It is probably common sense that a low quality video would be less fun to watch. Counter intuitively the content and information provided is actually more important. A very informative low quality video will be watched at a vastly higher quantity than a well shot boring video. Here at Enlightened Vision Entertainment inc. we pride ourselves on providing both high quality video and compelling footage with quality concepts. This combination leads to a high ROI for the companies that we provide services for.

The market is flooded with websites. If you google your business tens of thousands of competitors will show up. Possibly hundreds in your own area. Because of this to compete means finding a way to stand out, and at the very least not falling behind; because, so many websites are now using video that it will soon become very difficult for companies that do not have videos on a company website to compete.

Imagine you want to study Martial Arts. If you log onto a website for a dojo and see many awards it will be exciting. But if you log on and see a championship fight or a stack of boards being broken it would be far more engaging and you would be more likely to want to study under that sensei (of course providing he was impressive). As stated the quality of the video would not be as important as what the video contained. A high quality video of the right moves would probably hook you faster than a bunch of awards sitting around. This concept is true for any business. This is why the ROI is so high with video investments.

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