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(Kw: Television commercials, Radio Ads, and video production)

Generally, there are various modes and mediums to commercialize content. However, it’s essential to know about the fast and deliverable ways that not only reach its targeted audience; but rather efficient revenue can be generated. In this respect, different commercial intents can work in handy. Like; Television Commercials, Radio Ads, Video Production, etc…

Let’s simplify things to get a better understanding.

First of all, you have to know that a commercial is a production of any sound or video which is fairly short and consists of a sense of advertisement which is meant to be broadcast on the radio, T.V., the internet, or even on the cinema. Overall, the main purpose is to hit the proposed target in order to boost sales through the right and actual distribution channels.

Apart from the on-air commercials, products, services, or any content can be advertised via billboards as well. This is a very simple and easy way to showcase your content to market in local areas. It can be in the form of images or a short video presented by the program sponsor, service, or product owner. However, delivery to the advertising agencies of the channels is executed in the same manner as a commercial.

In order to operate a commercial, various suitable and relevant modes can be chosen as per the commercial demand or sponsors’ will. See the different mediums and advertising spots;

Television: There’s a probability of choosing the intended target and analysing the advertising spot’s positive or negative influences on T.V.

The Web: It is essential to boost a web page, make it SEO-friendly, and let more traffic to the web page via improving the referral domains and enhancing the visibility.

Broadcast Locations: These can be different video production platforms, social advertising networks, websites, etc.

SMAD: Generally, SMADs (On-Demand Audiovisual Media Services) entail video-on-demand (VOD) services, catch-up TV, and YouTube media channels.

RADIO: Being an optimal and wide distribution channel, RADIO can abet for the TV campaigns in a more and significantly profitable manner, as they adapted to the RADIO. Because RADIO ads can hit the intended target and get the desired outcome, as other mediums.

Cinema: It’s better to screen a movie in the theatre before exhibiting it on a big screen. Not restricted, but it seems somewhat more interesting for the localized agencies or much better for the B to C businesses.

These are the most popular and useful advertising and distribution spots. Among all of them, Television commercials or SMAD broadcasting seems more precise as per their set standards and obligations. Thus, there must be keen expertise in advertisement and audiovisual production.

However, for TV or SMAD broadcasting, it has to be affiliated with a PUB ID number along with the ARPP (Professional Advertising Regulatory Authority) validity. In this matter, Arimédias, being a member of the ARPP, holds all over the proceeding. There is also a need to deliver PAD digital files corresponding to the standard operating procedures of the relevant agencies. Moreover, for audio programs, voice intensity has to be moderate, i.e., ~23 LUFS or for short intensity, ~20LUFS.

In a nutshell, the broadcasting and advertising modes have the primary aim to get more sales and create zeal and zest via showcasing your content, whether products or services. You can make the viewers more eager to buy your product if you present it in its real state and shoot in the studio from a sale point of view.

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