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Are Television Commercials Still Worth It?
Today everyone knows that you can connect with a target audience using social media. Since social media is a fraction of the cost of television, this leads to the question why pay for T.V. ad placement. Especially because television commercials cost so much.

Truthfully, there are certain services and ads that may not work well on television. But we can discuss that a little later. Aside from those rare exceptions to the rule any other services and product still cannot have a better advertisement platform than the old reliable television commercial.

To understand why we have to look at what television ads offer that other forms of advertisement don’t. That is authenticity. In other words, in your audiences mind, if they see your ad on televison you’re an authentic business. This means if your audience sees your commercial on T.V. then in their minds you are a legitimate big business and are here to stay.

Back to rule exceptions. A filming company will not put a commercial on television. However the company logo will pop out on T.V. all the time without having to pay for a seperate advertisement. So basically filming companies are legitimized by the commercials we film. The other exception is gurus promising they can get you a million leads through Facebook ads. Its a no brainer! If they used commercials then it would be proving facebook advertisement didn’t work for them.

Truthfully television being the end all be all is a false security. Even the titan Sears is now liquidating. But commercials are not about reality, they are about sales. There is nothing that lends a business more credibility and that can hit a larger audience than television. If your business is going to reach the highest possible level a television commercial is necessary. We at Enlightened Vision Entertainment take pride in offering top of the line commercials that make our clients proud and most importantly generate revenue.

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